DM561 - Linear Algebra with Applications

Assignment 6: Eigenfaces

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, January 9 2019, at noon

Submission Deadline: Monday, January 14 2019, at noon

The only script that you have to edit and submit before the deadline is asg6-eigenfaces/ We also provide additional scripts and image files. You get them by pulling your git repository. For your convenience the file (an interactive tool) can be used for visualising faces as the weightd sum of eigenfaces. Note, that there is commented code in, that can depict original image vs projection/back-projection-image pairs. This however requires an implementation of the corresponding methods in Helper functions needed (e.g., to load the images) are provided in Only asg6-eigenfaces/ will be used for grading and testing, any changes in the other files will not be included or used for testing. (Specifically the will be used not from your repository, but in the original version that was provided to you. The same holds for the images, and modification or addition will be ignored for the testing.)

More details are given in the repository file The automatic grading will start Dec 21st.