DM561 - Linear Algebra with Applications

Sheet 4

Task 1 - Help on asg 1

In this task you will be receiving help on the implementation of the sparse vectors and matrices for asg1. Those who have already succeeded in the implementation can focus on the remaining tasks.

Task 2

Revise the exercises from Sheet 1 on Python and use the instructor to clarify your doubts on Python programming. In particular, focus on the Tasks 17-23 on Numpy. As you should learn from the benchmarks in Assignment 1, you should always use Numpy to carry out linear algebra calculations.

Task 3 – Matplotlib: Plotting in Python

Using the results from of assignment 1, compare the growth curve of your implementation and Numpy implementation of matrix multiplication. Consider only square matrices of varying size. Try to perform logarithmic transformations on the axis. Which transformation will lead to a liner growth? What does this says on the growth function (ie, polynomial or exponential) of the the procedures? [You will need to modify to print out the results for different sizes of the matrices. You should put the results in a file. Then your script for plotting should read the data from the file and plot the growth curves.]